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Media Fusion is serving the needs of the graphic arts community with an ever widening range of products and capabilities. Media Fusion has earned a reputation for expertise in support of PC/Windows users-a trait that sets us apart from the majority of service bureaus-but we also handle Mac files with equal competence. Whether Mac or PC, your files are sent directly to an imagesetter with no cross-platform issues.

Media Fusion prides itself on prompt, reliable and friendly service at very reasonable prices. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how well we can serve your needs. For a detailed list of products, services and pricing check the links below! Many other services are available!

We prefer Press Ready PDF files, but can work with most professional level graphic design software.
Please be sure to convert ALL FONTS to Curves (or Outlines) before sending your files.
Please check your files for correct image resolutions.
Please be sure that spot color files have all elements tagged correctly.

For shipping clients, we must receive your files by no later then 1:00pm Arizona time to be able to ship same day.

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Tips for Preparing Output

The AVANTRA 30 provides superior registration and a harder dot at resolutions up to 3600 dpi / 425lpi and film sizes to 25x30”.

The AVANTRA 25, like the Avantra 30, provides superior registration and a harder dot at resolutions up to 3600 dpi / 425 lpi and film sizes to 14x25”

File output is channeled to each machine’s own Level 3 Harlequin RIP.
Standard screening algorithm in use is Harlequin Precision Screening.

Imaged film is developed via a Devotek MT37 processors with fresh chemistry guaranteed by the Fuji Hunt FORTER automatic replenishment systems.
To insure adequate density, film is regularly checked using a TOBIAS digital transmission densitometer, maintaining a DMax of approximately 4.0

Pre-film, post-rip, color proofing up to 36x100 inches” can be furnished off a Kodak Polychrome Digital proofing system supporting output of CMYK + up to 12 spot colors in the same file.

High resolution scanning and adjustment of color photographs, transparencies and slides is performed on a Screen DT-series drum scanner in conjunction with a meticulously calibrated computer monitor.
High resolution flatbed scanning is also available on our MicroTek flatbeds, scanning at true 4800x9600dpi in 48 bit color as well as 12x18, 6400x13,600 on an Epson 1640XLGS.

Product liability is limited to adequate film density and registration and will be subject to replacement or refund at our discretion; we cannot be responsible for incidental or consequential damages.

All fonts should be converted to outlines & linked images should be embedded. PDF’s should be generated using Press Quality settings. MFI is not responsible for any errors due to known program “bugs”, low resolution images, graphics or composition, PDFs generated from MS Office software or any non-professional level graphics programs, Incorrect color tags, RGB images, RGB color space conversion, improper use of transparency, trap settings, font substitutions, or any other design flaws that may be present in supplied files that we are contracted to output, manipulate or import for use into a final output or design.
By placing an order with Media Fusion, the user acknowledges they are aware of the terms of end use of any and all Media Fusion,Inc. (MFI) supplied materials and that MFI will not be held liable for any monetary damages that may be incurred due to the end use of MFI supplied electronic files, film or printed content. Proof Your Final Output for Accuracy, Film or Electronic, before printing! Accuracy, approval to print, or end use of any & all final press ready materials from MFI, is the end users responsibility.

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