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MFI File Upload!

For shipping clients, we must receive your files by no later then 1:00pm Arizona time to be able to ship same day.

We prefer Press Ready PDF files, but can work with most professional level graphic design software.
Please be sure to convert ALL FONTS to Curves (or Outlines) before sending your files.
Please check your files for correct image resolutions.
Please be sure that spot color files have all elements tagged correctly.

After you have added the files to the list, click the UPLOAD FILES button. After the transfer(s) is complete (be patient, the larger the file(s), the longer it will take) a confirmation report will appear to confirm you uploaded successfully.

To process your order, you MUST provide us with a completed MFI Work Order, including the name of the file(s) uploaded to be output and Email it to or print and fax to us at: (480) 649-7921

File 1:
File 2:
File 3:
File 4:

Files & Workorders can always be submitted 24/7 via e-mail or our website FTP. 24/7 Voicemail. Orders will be processed during normal business hours.

Download and/or open and print our MFI Work Order Form:
MFI Work Order Form - PDF you can download, fill out and email to us

Download and/or open and print Tips for preparing output:
Tips for Preparing Output

Download and/or open and print our Current Price List:

Product liability is limited to adequate film density and registration and will be subject to replacement or refund at our discretion; we cannot be responsible for incidental or consequential damages.

All fonts should be converted to outlines & linked images should be embedded. PDF’s should be generated using Press Quality settings. MFI is not responsible for any errors due to known program “bugs”, low resolution images, graphics or composition, PDFs generated from MS Office software or any non-professional level graphics programs, Incorrect color tags, RGB images, RGB color space conversion, improper use of transparency, trap settings, font substitutions, or any other design flaws that may be present in supplied files that we are contracted to output, manipulate or import for use into a final output or design. By placing an order with Media Fusion, the user acknowledges they are aware of the terms of end use of any and all Media Fusion,Inc. (MFI) supplied materials and that MFI will not be held liable for any monetary damages that may be incurred due to the end use of MFI supplied electronic files, film or printed content. Proof Your Final Output for Accuracy, Film or Electronic, before printing! Accuracy, approval to print, or end use of any & all final press ready materials from MFI, is the end users responsibility.

* Output services provided by StaffordGraphics

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